Springfield Academic Letter

Students who don't compete in athletics have an opportunity to receive a varsity letter. Not all students have athletic abilities; therefore, they will never receive a school letter. This program will allow those students along with the athletes to be recognized. For students to qualify, they have to maintain a 3.5 G.P.A. for three consecutive grading periods. First year will receive a certificate, second year will receive the actual (chenille) letter, third year will receive a pin, and fourth year will receive a framed certificate with graduation picture. Each year that a student earns a 3.5 GPA, he/she will advance to the next level. This will hopefully encourage new students to our district or current students to strive for academic success.

Program Development Committee

Mrs. Dunn

Miss Krupa

Mrs. Manning

Students Receiving Framed Certificates with Graduation Picture

Zachary Cain, Julie Denmeade, Mackenzie Groner, Jennifer Horn, Kennedy Richey, Audrey Scnoenike, Cheyenne Sugar, Heather Sutherin, Jillian Tabaka

Students Receiving Pins

Michael Allgower, Kayla Bornemisza, Trinity Grant, Dean Jaric, Stpehanie Lowrey, Ryan Lewis, Anthony Scandy, Allison Bator, Jeremy Blackson, Angela Buzzacco, Angelic Cotto-Ramos, Nicholas DeLucia, Emma Forkenroth, Dennis Mansfield, Kathleen Prosser, Mary Ritter, Mark Schuler, Lacey Snyder, Neil Sofranec, Timothy Vinkler, Daniel Walter, Olivia Withers.

Students Receiving Letters

Michael Crowe, Dustin DelSignore, Sawyer Stevens, Cierra Duvall, Rosie Meng, Sierra Maldonado, Brittany Kennedy, Spencer Snyder, Justine Dietrich, Jacob Ohlin, Callie Ford, Jamie Peluso, Hunter Snyder, Taylor Remner, Elizabeth Thompson, John Danks, Andrew Asher, Kahlea Barricella, Brooke Bullen, Quinnlan Crowe, Caitlyn Cyrus, Courtney Cyrus, Kelsey Davis, Audrey Dearing, Alyssa Eynon, Stephanie Goterba, Julie Humphries, Rachel Leach, Graham Mincher, Ally Riley,  Eric Schultz, William Shoemaker, Scarlett Stevens, Erin Walters, Dominic Washburn.

Students Receiving Certificates

Josie Applegarth, Ashley Barnard, Courtney Blakeman, Jane Casto, Francesco Centofanti, Sara Chaszeyka, Megan Donegan, Lindsey Druschel, Kazuma Ervin, Kaithlyn Flynn, Jacob Ford, Grace Groner, Caleb Mercer, Alyssa Metzler, Meghan Mills, Alexis Morozov, Hannah Oliver, Stephen Ranelli, Zachary Renaldy, Russell Seymour, Aimee Smith, Kristen Szalay, Cori Wade, Jeffrey Williams, Madison Bender, Kaycee Brown, Valeri Kinsey, Taylor Desimone, Emily Moon, Heather Brewer, Stephanie Liversage, Emika Ervin, Shelby Sandrock, Bailye Lowrey, Amelia Hoffman, Amber Beatty, Crystal Ware, Daniel DelSignore, Kathleen Bosley, Dillon Bennett, Matthew Wansack, William Heid.

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