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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Required Supplies List and additional/optional summer homework:
AP English (12th): Mrs. Chiarello: Pen, paper,folder Optional Summer Assignment: Interested students will have already received this assignment. Books needed: Homer's "The Odyssey", Shakespeare's "Hamlet", Bronte's "Wuthering Heights", and Dickens' "A Tale of Two Cities". All assignments will be due the first day of school.

College Prep English (12th): Mrs. Chiarello: Pen, paper, folder Optional Summer Assignment: MAY read any one or combination or all of the following for Extra Credit. Due the first day of school: Dickens' "A Christmas Carol", Orwell's "1984, Austen's "Pride and Prejudice", Shelley's "Frankenstein". Written responses will be required the second day of school.

Academic Study Skills: Mrs. Chiarello: Pen, paper, folder

Geometry: Mrs. Louttit: Binder, Pencils, TI-84 Plus C or CE calculator

Advanced Algebra 2: Mrs. Louttit: Binder, Pencils, TI-84 Plus C or CE Calculator

Calculus: Mrs. Louttit: Binder, Pencils, TI-84 Plus C or CE graphing calculator preferred or any in the 84 family Assignment: Chapter P Review


Staff Administration
Special Services High School Page

Faculty at Springfield Local High School

Mrs. Wilson

Transitions, Healthy Living, Relationships, Career Search/ Healthy and Safe Foods, Adapted Life Skills, Sewing Technigues/ Child Development

Mr. Dunn

Personal Finance, Computer Applications, Automated Accounting, Intro to Business, World Wide Web, Business Law

Mrs. Kennedy




Mr. DePanicis



Mr. Guerriero

Physical Education


Mrs. Rothwell



Mrs. Vecchione


Mrs. Crowe


Mrs. Dunn

Integrated Science, Chemistry, Physics

Ms. Krupa

Integrated Science, Anatomy

Mr. Toy

Biology, Integrated Science 2

Mr. Weymer


Mr. Snyder


Mrs. Smercansky

Government, Psychology/ Economics

Mrs. Mendel




Mrs. Figueroa



Mrs. Chiarello

English 12, Academic Study Skills

Mrs. Johnston

English 9, Academic Study Skills

Mrs. Mullane

English 11, Yearbook/ Journalisn

Mr. Slopek

English 10

Mrs. Louttit

Algebra 2, AP Calculus, Geometry

Ms. Friedenberger

Algebra 1, GSA


Mrs. Gallo

Geometry, Trig/ PreCalc, Algebra 2






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