NHS Advisor - Mrs. Louttit and Mr. Cornfield

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Letters To Potential Members (Electronic)

Leters to Potential Members (Mail)


2018 Application

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NHS Constitution

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Existing NHS Members

David Ohlin- President
Jessica Hood- Vice President
Sarah McKim- Secretary
Stephanie Goterba- Treasurer
Quinn Crowe- Director of Public Relations
Kahlea Barricella- Director of Community Service
Mario Abbsttista
Cody Allen
Drew Asher
Madison Bender
Kaycee Brown
Brooke Bullen
Caitlyn Cyrus
Courtney Cyrus
Audrey Dearing
Alyssa Eynon
Julie Humphries
Valerie Kinsey
Catherine Leipply
Graham Mincher
Ally Riley
Eric Schultz
Billy Shoemaker
Dom Washburn


New NHS Members

Josie Applegarth
Tricia Bair
Courtney Blakeman
Jane Casto
Francesco Centofanti
Sara Chazeyka
Megan Donegan
Lindsay Druschel
Jake Ford
Grace Groner
Sarah Hartzler
Karissa Katcher
Lauren McFadden
Caleb Mercer
Alyssa Metzler
Meghan Mills
Alexis Morozov
Zach Renaldy
Zachary Roman
Russell Seymour
Aimee Smith
Kristen Szalay


The NHS Tapping is a tradition at Springfield Local. Every year, students are selected into the National Honor Society. As a way of being admitted into the organization, last year's members walk around with two swords and tap the newly appointed members to ensure their admittance into the NHS.

2017 NHS Tapping Video