Student of the Month



Dillon Lewis                                   College English 12

Joseph Wrask                                    Mrs. Chiarello


Joseph Wrask & Dillon Lewis for their tendency to ride low under the radar, hence often being overlooked for their unassuming contributions in and out of class and the stability they bring in the "quiet tenor of their ways".



Emma Folkenroth                                   Office Aides

                                                               Jen Mashburn                             Mrs. Ohlin & Mrs. Leach


Mrs. Ohlin & Mrs. Leach would like to nominate Emma Folkenroth and Jen Mashburn as Student of the Month.  They are extremely helpful to the office staff.  Emma runs all over the building delivering items other students have forgotten and notes from Mr. Albanese.  She also helps deliver attendance. We appreciate all of her hard work and positive attitude.  Jen spends a few hours with us each day doing a variety of jobs.  She delivers notes and other items to students; files daily attendance notes; runs errands for Mr. Albanese; and does other jobs for us.  She always brings a pleasant attitude.


Jules Julius                            College English 11

11th grade                              Mrs. Mullane


I am nominating Jules Julius for student of the month.  It has been such a joy to see him grow over the years.  Recently, Jules gave a speech in front of the class, and I was impressed with how he has improved with eye contact and his comfort speaking in front of his peers.  Also, Jules has begun writing for the Sentinel as a guest writer, and as a part of that process is even polling students to help him write interesting articles.  Julesís good attitude and kind demeanor make him a joy to have in class each day!



                                            Quinn Crowe         Audrey Dearing                                    10th grade

                                            Alyssa Enynon      Hailey Hazlett                                                        

                                            Julie Humphries   Scarlett Stevens                                    Mrs. Crowe


I would like to nominate my 5th period "Table of Sophomores" for December Students of the Month.  Scarlett Stevens, Julie Humphries, Hailey Hazlett, Alyssa Eynon, Audrey Dearing, and Quinn Crowe stepped up and helped Mrs. Leach pass out pictures.  Mrs. Leach and I both appreciate their willingness to do the right thing. I also appreciate that they study and do homework every single day during study hall.  They are great examples for their classmates.




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