Caleb Mercer                Integrated Science

                               9th grade                           Mrs. Dunn

Caleb Mercer for his excellent performance in Integrated Science.


Jane Casto                   College English 9

                             Alyssa Metzler                  Mrs. Johnston

                                     9th grade

I would like to nominate Jane Casto and Alyssa Metzler for students of the month. Jane and Alyssa go above and beyond in my Honors English 9 class. Typically they score near perfectly on any assignment, but what I am more impressed with is any time they are given the opportunity to make corrections in order to expand their knowledge, they are more than ready to take on this challenge. This shows me that they are more concerned about the educational gains and accomplishments, rather then just the grade. I feel that this is a commendable quality at the ninth grade level.  These two are also constantly critically thinking and challenging their classmates to take their thinking to the next level all while having an amazing positive attitude towards learning. Alyssa and Jane should be very proud of their accomplishments and more importantly their diligent work--I know I am! 


Justine Dietrich                   College English 12

                          Daniel Delsignore                   Mrs. Chiarello

                                12th grade

Daniel Delsignore and Justine Dietrich consistently do as expected, contribute quietly and deserve recognition for doing what they're supposed to do at all times.  




Physics Bridge Building Team Mrs. Dunn

Sam Cappelli, Gabe Crowe, Jenn Horn, Emma Folkenroth, Tiffany Tatar and Charley Troggio for excellent bridge building and for representing Springfield at the Mahoning Valley Miniature Bridge Building Competition at YSU.


Tim Vinkler                   Chemistry

11th grade                     Mrs. Dunn

Tim Vinkler for his excellent performance in chemistry.


Ried Clark                   Library Aides

                                Jake Marshall                 Mrs. Crowe

                              Dalton Hostetter

                                  10th Grade

I would like to nominate three boys from my third period study hall. Ried Clark, Jake Marshall, and Dalton Hostetter were so helpful this past week. The boys took out overflowing recycling bins from several offices and classrooms. They endured the freezing cold to dump the bins into the recycling center. Thank you boys for leading by example!







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