Amanda Verterano                    Chemistry

11th grade                                 Mrs. Dunn


I would like to nominate the following student for Student of the Month Amanda Verterano, junior, for her outstanding performance in chemistry.


Daniel DelSignore                     GSA & Algebra 2

       12th grade                         Ms. Friedenberger

                                                  Mr. Cornfield


Fried and Corn would like to nominate Daniel DelSignore (GSA & Algebra 2) for Student of the Month. Daniel asks questions, studies hard, and is doing extremely well in both of our math classes. He goes the extra step to make sure he comprehends the material presented to him. Great Job, Dan! #MathRocks 


Jillian Tabaka                     Physics

     12th grade                     Mrs. Dunn


I would like to nominate Jillian Tabaka, senior, for Student of the Month for her outstanding performance in Physics.


Madison Bender                              Teacherís Aides

Cody Allen                                       Mrs. Crowe

                                           Cody Peterson

                                              10th grade


I would like to nominate my 7th period study hall helpers for January Students of the Month.  Madison Bender and Cody Squared (Cody Peterson & Cody Allen) are always very accommodating to anything I have asked them to do.  Whether it is moving computer labs or taking out recycling, they never fail to help me. I hope they stay with me for next semester.  Thank you very much for making my 7th period so enjoyable!


  Rosie Meng                                                      AP Calculus

                                      12th grade                                                       Mrs. Louttit   

I am nominating Rosie Meng as student of the month. She is in my AP Calculus class and does a tremendous job. Her responses are always so thorough, and her use of the mathematical language is so precise. I really enjoy grading her work. Most importantly, Rosie comes bouncing into the room every morning sporting a smile and a positive attitude. She never fails to say, "good morning, Mrs. Louttit." I love her enthusiasm. She brightens my day every morning. Thank you Rosie for your boundless energy and love of mathematics. 


Rosie Meng                              College English 12

                                          Michael Simko                               Mrs. Chiarello


Rosie Meng and Michael Simko for being on opposite ends of the spectrum and yet each contributing something in their own unique way.  


Stevie Ranelli                     Integrated Science 1

                                               9th grade                                Mrs. Dunn


I would like to nominate Stevie Ranelli, freshman, for student of the month for his outstanding performance in Integrated Science.



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