Charley Troggio                Library Aides

Joey Wrask                      Mrs. Crowe


I would like to nominate Charley Troggio and Joey Wrask for March's Student of the Month. Charley takes care of attendance for me every day during first period and Joey is our morning entertainment.


Jules Julius                       Work Study

11th grade                       Mrs. Rothwell


I would like to nominate...Jules Julius. Jules is a wonderful student!!  He works to his full ability and is organized which helps him achieve success academically.  He has been challenging himself more physically and I am proud of him!!  Plus the fact that he is a Steelers fan is the icing on the cake!!


Katie Prosser        Broadcast Production

12th grade                            Mrs. Mullane


I am nominating Katie Prosser for her hard work with the broadcast production and technology.  She is always on task and goes above and beyond thinking of creative ideas to enhance the broadcast, and she always jumps in to troubleshoot often when there are technology issues.  She is optimistic and a very hard worker.  We are lucky to have her part of the team for this new endeavor this year!


Lacey Snyder                              French

11th Grade                    Mrs. McNamara

I would like to nominate Lacey Snyder.  Though somewhat quiet in class, she is a very committed student and is always prepared and diligent in her work.  She is a very pleasant young lady and a pleasure to have in class.


Tiffany Tatar                      Teacherís Aides

Joey Angelo                         Mr. Cornfield


I'd like to nominate Tiffany Tatar and Joey Angelo for Students of the Month. They are excellent Teacher's Aides and make it easier for me to operate. Besides, their wisdom is unparalleled (Tiffany for her knowledge of Nutella and Joey for his amazing Chess abilities).


Caitlyn Cyrus, Courtney Cyrus, Quinn Crowe, Audrey Dearing, Alyssa Eynon, Julie Humphries, Rachel Leach, Ally Riley

Mrs. Louttit

I am nominating Caitlyn Cyrus, Courtney Cyrus, Quinn Crowe, Audrey Dearing, Alyssa Eynon, Julie Humphries, Rachel Leach and Ally Riley. They are a remarkable group of young women who deserve to be recognized. They are intelligent, responsible, polite, hardworking and determined. They conduct themselves with a maturity and grace beyond their years. When looking for NHS ushers, I only needed 3 sophomore females. They made it impossible to choose between them so we drew straws - a truly random sample (all the math gurus will appreciate that). I decided to honor them all as students of the month. I want to thank them for helping to make the atmosphere in my classrooms positive and productive on a daily basis. Each one of them is truly a pleasure to teach! 


Brittany Kennedy         College English 12

Julia Miglets                    Mrs. Chiarello

I am nominating Brittany Kennedy for being ready to smile at just a glance and thus bringing cheer to everyone and Julia Miglets because she's clearly been simply overlooked in the last 4 years.  


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