Student of the Month

Austin Gebhart                    Boy Scouts

Sebastian Orbin                   Mrs. Crowe

                                Russell Seymour                    9th grade


I would like to nominate three selfless, young gentlemen for Student of the Month.  Sebastian Orbin, Russell Seymour, and Austin Gebhardt are all from Boy Scout Troop #119.  These young men have respectfully taken down our American flag and ceremoniously folded it at the end of every school day.  I appreciate their dedication and the honor they show our country each day.  Please tell these young men "Thank you" the next time you see them.


Josh Hillyer                         Library Aides

                              Stevie Ranelli                        Mrs. Crowe

                               Tim Schultz                           9th grade



I would like to nominate Josh Hillyer, Stevie Ranelli, and Tim Schultz from my second period study hall. The boys unloaded countless recycling bins from around the school.  We all appreciate their efforts.  


Megan Deskin                     Integrated Science 1

                             9th grade                                Mrs. Dunn


I would like to nominate Megan Deskin, freshman, for excellent performance in integrated science.


Neil Sofranec                       Chemistry

11th grade                          Mrs. Dunn


I would like to nominate Neil Sofranec, junior, for his excellent performance in chemistry.

Will Heid                             Physics

12th grade                           Mrs. Dunn


I would like to nominate Will Heid , senior, for his excellent performance in physics.



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