Student of the Month






Bree Motely and Kendra DeWitt                                                               College English 9

9th grade                                                                                              Mrs. Johnston



Bree and Kendra's extra efforts in my English classes have not gone unnoticed! Both have been creating excellent short answer questions that show critical thinking, detailed analysis, and exceptional textual evidence! Their positive behavior and always willing to try attitude rubs off on many of  their classmates and helps inspire them to do the same!



Courtney Blakeman               Yearbook

11th grade                                 Mrs. Mullane


I am nominating Courtney Blakeman for student of the month for yearbook.   Not only is she trying every possible avenue to get ads, she is also leading a flower sale to earn money.  She has patiently been downloading and going through thousands of photos from Magic Moments and uploading them to Google Drive, and this isnít part of her required work for yearbook.  She does all of this with a smile and a positive attitude.  She is a great role-model for other students here at SHS!


Darrell Claypoole                   College English 12

Corey Stouffer                        Mrs. Chiarello


Corey Stouffer and Darrell Claypoole for always being willing to contribute to class and being positive all the time. 


George Conrad                 Academic Study Skills

9th grade                              Mrs. Johnston



George truly utilizes his study skill course to the maxim. He has been thoroughly developing all answers to show that he truly understands the information and uses a majority of his free time to complete homework in other classes. He is not only self motivated within my class--but if he has any extra time he offers to help organize my room which I truly appreciate!


Maria DiLallo                                      Honors English 9

9th grade                                              Mrs. Johnston


Maria is an extremely hard working freshman in my Honors English class. She is constantly trying to obtain new information through inquiry and is always putting herself up to the challenge of reading complex text and analyzing it in very creative ways! Maria is always thinking outside of the box and pushing not only herself but others in her class to attempt to obtain their full potential.


Sydney Schultz                  Work Study

9th Grade                                  Mrs. Rothwell



I would like to nominate Sydney Schultz for student of the month.  She is a very motivated student who tries her very best at all times. She does a great job on Work Study trips as well.  Sydney is very detail oriented and she is a pleasure to have in class!!!












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