Student of the Month



AJ Joseph                  Spanish 1

9th grade                     Ms. Granitto



I would like to nominate AJ Joseph if it is not too late.  He is very helpful in my classroom and doing well in my Spanish I class. 




Andy   Austin             All Around Good Guys

Eric     Chase             Mr. Cornfield



I'd like to nominate: Andy Prosser, Eric Schultz, Austin Lawson, Chase Packard, and Hunter Troggio for Students of the Month. They took time out of their days to help me move some furniture around and help me organize my room! Thanks Gang! You made it far easier on the Old Man! :)


Jeanna Peluso                       Library Aides

Rachel Peterson                    Mrs. Crowe

10th grade


I would like to nominate sophomores Jeanna Peluso and Rachel Peterson for October Students of the Month.  The girls graciously cut out and built "element blocks" for me.  They did a great job. I appreciated their time! I also enjoy their kind attitudes and smiling faces in study hall every day.  


Kate Denmeade                            Int. Science 1

Lucas Denmeade                          Ms. Krupa



It is with great pleasure to nominate Kate and Lucas Denmeade.  Their positive attitudes, great personalities, and superior work are reminders why I went into teaching.  On a side note, I am glad to see that they have finally learned to open their lockers!!!



Madeline Wood         Math

9th grade                     Mrs. Vecchione


I would like to nominate Madeline Wood for Student of the Month.  She always works hard to understand and complete her assignments in math class.  There are even times when she helps to teach the material to other students.  She is such a pleasure to have in class!


Rachel Crowe                  College Eng. 12

12th grade                         Mrs. Chiarello


Rachel Crowe for always being generous to offer me coffee or copying tasks.

She's a real gem and I thank her.


Russ Seymour                 Geometry

10th grade                        Mr. Cassidy


I have Russ in both Geometry and Algebra 2.  He is an outstanding student and more importantly an outstanding individual.  He is pleasant, hard-working, and always willing to help his classmates when they need him.



Tim Chadwick                         Football

9th grade                                 Mr. Guerriero


I would like to nominate Tim Chadwick for student of the month. He has taken on a role to wash the freshman and JV uniforms for the football team in Mrs. Wilson's class. He takes great pride in everything he does on and off the field.


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