Senior Hall of Fame

Class of 2009


Class Clown: Richard Dearing and Nicole Johnson


Best Hair: Dean Jaric and Rosie Meng


Most Artistic: Sam Cappelli and Vanessa Bilas


Best Dressed: Anthony Scandy and Morgan Buchenic


Worst Driver: Micheal Simko and Makenzie Groner


Most Musical: Tony Meassick and Kayla Bornemisza


Biggest Flirt: Sawyer Stevens and Jenn Horn


Prettiest Eyes: James Hillyer and Marissa Buchenic


Most Athletic: Jacob Ohlin and Jillian Tabaka


Most Likey to Succeed: Zach Cain and Julia Denmeade


Most Feminine: Bobbi Schragel Most Masculine: Gabe Crowe


Prettiest Smile: Joe Lonardo and Audrey Schoenike


One in a Million: Mark Mesmer


Loudest: Chris Wells  Quietest: Dillon Lewis


Most Likely to Get the Joke Last: Nick Wells and Julia Miglets


Funniest Laugh: Will Heid and Charley Troggio


Biggest Hick: Isaac Crowe and Baylee Felger


Class Brownie: Ryan Lewis and Heather Sutherin


Best Looking: Mike Allgower and Cheyenne Sugar


Most Fun to be Around: Joey Wrask and Kennedy Richey


Most Likely to Live in Parents' Basement: Anthony Belfast



Updated By: Justine Dietrich