Christmas Gift Exchange with Crestview Middle School

December 2013














On Tuesday, December 17, 2013, twenty-five Springfield Local Intermediate students acting as Santa’s Helpers, Mrs. Workman, Mrs. Himes, Mrs. Patrone, and Mr. Schuler delivered over 700 gifts for the annual SLIS-CMS Gift Exchange. SLIS students met the Crestview Middle School students and teachers at the Columbiana Burger King to eat lunch and “exchange” the gifts. Students unloaded gifts from each bus, and then reloaded them onto the other school’s bus. Upon returning to SLIS, students unloaded the 870 Crestview gifts from the bus completing their Santa Helpers’ duties for this year. Santa’s student helpers this year were Rylee Kelly, Carly Stitzel, Logan Lanterman, Tristan Petrus, Kyle DeBucci, Noah Barrett, Michael Needham, Caleb Guilliams, Nick Workman, Trevor Cardona, Jerry Sandrock, Madison LaCivita, Zoe Renaldy, Morgan Santangelo, Cheyenne Heffner, Ryan Ohlin, Rebecca Gotterba, A. J. Joseph, Cierra Latronica, Brannon Brungard, Kate Folkenroth, Rebecca Oyler, Natalie Babinec, Abigail Catlos, Alexis Slike, and Gianna Vigliotti. This is the seventeenth year for our annual gift exchange coordinated by Mrs. Melanie Workman, SLIS Guidance Counselor, and Mr. Scott Workman, Crestview Middle School 8th grade science teacher.

          The students and teachers from Springfield and Crestview greatly appreciate the students, teachers, staff, “Secret Santas”  (you know who you are) and the community’s generosity in donating gifts for the many families in need in both communities in these difficult economic times. Thank you very much for helping us “Come together in the Holiday Spirit!”


Melanie Workman, Guidance Counselor

Springfield Local Intermediate School

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