2008-2009 Student Council

Student Council members are elected in each of the eight 7th and 8th grade homerooms. Students are required to give a candidate speech. There is one representative and one alternate elected from each of the eight homerooms totaling eight representatives and eight alternates.

Intermediate Student Council Members:

Giana Vigliotti, Abigail Catlos, Cheyenne Heffner, Trevor Cardona, Shane Eynon, Madison LaCivita, Noah Eckman, Jt Sandrock, Ryan Ohlin, Anthony Stouffer, Rebecca Goterba, Luke Scheetz, AJ Joseph, Morgan Santangelo, Lauren Kelly, Tyler Harbert

Intermediate Student Council Responsibilities

-Assist with school functions - such as conferences

-Conduct fundraisers
-Sponsor dances
-Conduct student programs and deal with student issues

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