The College Tech Prep Penguin Regatta is an annual cardboard canoe race sponsored by the Office of Associate Degree and Tech Prep Programs where "crews" (teams) of students get a chance to design, build, and race their best ideas in a competition in Beeghly Center at Youngstown State University on Tuesday, May 17th.


Students Involved in the Penguin Regatta

Tiffany Tatar Sawyer Stevens
Baylee Fegler Will Heid
Emma Folkenroth Dean Jaric
Olivia Withers Gabe Crowe
Audrey Shoenike Sam Cappelli
Jill Tabaka Joe Lonardo
Jake Ohlin  


Congratulations to Mrs. Dunn's physics class who competed in Youngstown State University's Penguin Regatta. Students are challenged to use the engineering design process to create cardboard boats that achieve 3 objectives: the fastest showboat, the fastest boat assembled on site and the greatest weight afloat boat. They received first place in Greatest Weight afloat, Logbook, and Presentation


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