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School News

Springfield High School Student Receives R.A. Horn Outstanding Achievement Award  Elijah DiLullo

A Springfield Local High School student is the recipient of the R.A. Horn Outstanding Achievement Award. Elijah DiLullo, a 17 year old student at Springfield High School, was presented the award from the State Support Region Five Team. The award is presented to an exemplary special education student and was established by the Ohio Department of Education 36 years ago. 

National Honor Society Induction National Honor Society Inductees

Congratulations to the 19 students inducted into the National Honor Society at Springfield Local High School. An induction ceremony took place on March 9, 2021.

From Springfield High School to the United States Military Academy at West Point Justin McLemore

There are three factors Springfield High School Senior, Justin McLemore, wants in his post secondary education: a school that will challenge him academically, mentally, and physically every day.  After graduation in June, McLemore is heading to the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Student Mask Exemption Form

Principal's Message

Dear Parents, Students and Springfield Community, 

As we embark on the 2020-2021 school year, we face educational challenges due to these unprecedented times in which the likes have not been experienced for a century.  The COVID-19 pandemic has compelled our administrative team and staff to work even more closely together to engage in creative problem solving and to co-design both pedagogical and logistical approaches that will meet the needs of our high school students as they return to school. 

Governor DeWine’s catch phrase “In This Together” is as applicable to our educational community as it is to the State of Ohio. Our day-to-day operating procedures will be based in the science and direction put forth by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Ohio Department of Health’s guidelines to ensure the health, safety and well-being of all individuals associated with our school community and the “Tiger” community at-large.  

One of the maxims I convey to students annually, “is to treat each other in a manner in which they would wish to be treated,” the Golden Rule for those of you familiar. Mrs. Louttit enlightened me that “upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all.” We as a community must work together to have a successful and safe school year.

As I am sure you are aware, conditions can change rapidly due to Covid-19, and we are considering various contingency plans for our district. As a result, this planning guide operates under the following assumptions: Our high school must be flexible, responsive, and diligent to ensure the health and safety of all students and adults. We must have the capacity to operate in various modes at different times and, sometimes, with minimum advance notice.  This will obviously not be our traditional school experience, and many of the day-to-day practices within our high school will have to adjust based on circumstances. Our specific and detailed building and district plans are posted on the district website for you to review. 

As your principal, I will continue to do my best to ensure effective instruction whether it be in person or virtual. All teachers will have access to support and training to facilitate the implementation of our educational plan and in meeting the needs of children and families. Data and information from staff and students will help make informed decisions as the school year progresses.

Our ultimate objective as a high school is to help students take ownership of their own learning, perhaps never more important than in our current environment. Our staff will continue to meet the needs of each student, focusing not only on academics but on the social-emotional needs as well. 

Whether you are an “A” student or a student who only dreams of getting “A’s,” you must first believe that you can.  Do not confuse lack of effort with inability and that your capacity to learn is a gift, but your willingness to learn is a choice. 

With a commitment to foster excellence. 



Anthony J. DeFelice


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