Springfield High School Student Receives R.A. Horn Outstanding Achievement Award

 Elijah DiLullo


A Springfield Local High School student is the recipient of the R.A. Horn Outstanding Achievement Award. Elijah DiLullo, a 17 year old student at Springfield High School, was presented the award from the State Support Region Five Team. The award is presented to an exemplary special education student and was established by the Ohio Department of Education 36 years ago. 


In his nomination for the award, Elijah was described as a young man with a sense of humor and wit. Elijah came back to Springfield Local Schools after attending online school where he struggled. Since returning to Springfield High School, he’s been enrolled in a full caseload of classes, including English, GSA, Work Study, Social Studies, Science, and electives. Elijah is also enrolled in an additional English class for credit recovery.  Elijah is meeting his educational goals by working side by side with Mrs. Rothwell, Mrs. Smotrila, and Mrs. Wannamaker who should be commended for their hard work with Elijah and all of their students!


The following is excerpt from Elijah’s nomination letter:


“Despite the challenges that he has faced returning to school during a pandemic, Elijah has risen to the challenge. He has maintained mostly A’s and B’s in his core courses. Though he has technically met the requirements to complete his online credit recovery course, Elijah is working to get his grade higher in the class, so he is continuing until he is satisfied with his grade. His positive attitude will help Elijah go far in his education and in life.  Without a doubt, he will be successful in whatever he strives to do in life.”

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